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Cool it! It’s the fuzz

Posted on: February 24, 2009

If you get up close to this photo you may be able to see what’s sprouting on the top of my head lately—soft and downy, like a fine mist.  (The white stripe on my head in the picture is the reflection of the overhead lights in my still-shiny scalp.)

Watch out! It's the fuzz!

Sweet and sour scalp

(Photo by Baskin Cooper, Renaissance Man.)

Not visible in the photo is the dark stubble remaining from the head-shaving last fall, which was dormant all winter but which has now begun to grow a tiny bit, in prickly contrast to the fuzz. Which hair will prove dominant, the baby-duck down or the thicker stubble? Or will there be a strange combination of both? Or will I rub off all the hair by constantly running my hands over my scalp, which I can’t resist doing lately?


2 Responses to "Cool it! It’s the fuzz"

I kind of hope the ‘downy’ wins.

I can’t lose the mental image of Pepe LePew.

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  • Brian: Hi Penny; When I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma I found your site. Reading about what you went through was incredibly helpful to me. Tha
  • Tricia: Still here; still caring; still rooting you on!


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