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3 down, 3 to go

Posted on: December 5, 2008

Yesterday was not a good day at the hospital. Every appointment ran long and late… patients and staff were stressed out. Several times during the day I thought, “Okay: Now is when I’m going to burst into tears.” I didn’t start getting my chemo infusion until 3:30, and didn’t leave the clinic until almost 8 p.m., by which time I and one nurse were the only ones left in the building.  But the day was made easier by Marion, who took me to the hospital and stayed with me for hours; by Leslie, who provided gossip magazines and a big sandwich; and by Ruth, who came on short notice to give me a ride home.

And it was so good to be home, away from the fluorescent lights and the ticking and beeping of the chemo pumps and the smell of rubbing alcohol.  I had a lovely late dinner of items selected for their non-hospital-y fragrances:  mint tea, a square of chocolate, a clementine. Chased it all with an Ativan, then went to bed and slept until 8 a.m.  Ahhh.

Dr. Shah called this morning to tell me the results of yesterday’s PET scan: Totally clean.  So it looks like the chemo is working. We’ll continue treatment as planned, with 3 more rounds of chemo. My docs have been talking with a radiologist, who says that we may want to consider radiation at the end of all the chemotherapy.  In cases like mine, where the lymphoma was very localized, radiation can help prevent the cancer from recurring at the original site.  We’ll talk about the pros and cons of that in a month or two.

I’m getting over myself and am able to enjoy having people call, and come over, give me stuff. Folks at work have been providing great lunches for me. Other friends have given phone calls, cards, CDs, goodies, and hats. Thanks, everyone! And this weekend my big sister Alyson is coming up from Wilmington to visit and clean my house for me hang out with me. Life is good.

By the way, I decided instead of dividing days into “down” days and “up” days, it’s more accurate (and less bipolar) to call them “resting” days and “energy” days.


3 Responses to "3 down, 3 to go"

Yay, glad to hear the great news about the PET scan, and that you’re halfway through! Being made to wait so long is unconscionable. Aren’t you going through enough already without having to be subjected to that kind of treatment??? I mean, GAH!

I love you, Penny, hang in there… – jhw

Hi Penny, It is a little late in responding- but- It is wonderful to hear the good news about the PET scan. Speak to you soon. Love,Shabari

Wonderful news about the clean PET scan, and a great Christmas present to all of us! We’ve enjoyed having Alyson here and are leaving today to see Gwinn’s folks in PA, then brother in NY. It should be too very cold! Thanks for your note & keep up the good work! lots o’ love, G&D

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  • dswope: I just happened by after my I received an email from a close colegue that he was headig for IVPalooza. All I knew was that it was a form of chemo.
  • Brian: Hi Penny; When I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma I found your site. Reading about what you went through was incredibly helpful to me. Tha
  • Tricia: Still here; still caring; still rooting you on!


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