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Stubble-shedding day

Posted on: November 26, 2008

Hey, folks-

My hair started falling out 2 weeks after my first chemo. Today marks 2 weeks since my second chemo and, sure enough, more hair follicles have started giving up the ghost. The next area of suspense is whether the eyebrows and eyelashes will still be there a week from now.

Two weeks ago I got my head shaved, and within an hour or two I felt a sense of relief. I decided that day that I didn’t want to spend the next few months trying to disguise the fact that I was bald. (I wear hats as needed for warmth and comfort, but the wig is still sitting on the wig stand, and not once have I artfully tied a scarf around my head.) This has made life infinitely easier for me. As Alyson said in a recent comment, it’s everyone else who bears the burden of looking at me.

Yes, showering in the morning is quicker with no hair to wash. Putting on makeup, however, actually takes longer, because my “face” now extends to the back of my head.

Next Wednesday (12/3) will be Chemo #3. Before the infusion, I’ll be getting a PET scan so the docs can assess how well the treatment has been working. I wouldn’t be surprised if they see no cancer activity at all. (Unfortunately, even if that proves to be the case I don’t get a “get out of chemotherapy free” card.)

I’ve been feeling great the last few days, and am looking forward to a happy, non-queasy Thanksgiving holiday. Wishing the same for all of you!


2 Responses to "Stubble-shedding day"

Onward to Chemo #3! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


December 3rd, you’ll be history soon!

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  • dswope: I just happened by after my I received an email from a close colegue that he was headig for IVPalooza. All I knew was that it was a form of chemo.
  • Brian: Hi Penny; When I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma I found your site. Reading about what you went through was incredibly helpful to me. Tha
  • Tricia: Still here; still caring; still rooting you on!


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